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Candle Fundraisers

Let the Davisburg Candle Factory help your organization earn money through a candle fundraiser. We love to help a good cause. Candles are quickly becoming the "fundraiser of choice" by organizations because the products are EASY TO SELL, and the rewards greatly exceed those of the traditional fundraiser involving candy sales, wrapping paper, etc. Everyone loves candles, and for the one or two that don't, they know someone who does and can buy one for her (or him).

Handmade soy candles are the best fundraiser. Many times the fundraiser product that consumers receive for the money is smaller than normal or not worth the inflated price. The item's price is greatly marked-up. Unlike other companies, we do not ask you to sell our product at a "marked-up amount" in order to be able to give you money. You sell it at what we would sell it for, only you make a large percentage to the profit above cost.

Why a Candle Fundraiser?

  1. Big profits, small effort
  2. Easy to sell
  3. No leftover inventory
  4. Handcrafted candles, made in the USA
  5. Great value
  6. Patrons will buy again
  7. Our candles are highly scented; long burning, have 100% cotton wicks, and are affordably priced
  8. Call the factory for details on profits for your organization.


Each child will receive an order form with a color picture of soy jars. You can expect delivery time of three to six weeks depending on the size of your order. We are available for fundraisers from January through mid-October, as we are extremely busy with holiday candle making in November and December.

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